Why did the PTPN choose Go CardConnect for Healthcare Payments?

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Transparant Pricing

At Go CardConnect, we build long lasting relationships with our clients by offering the lowest rates, up front. Our "Interchange Plus" pricing option gives you the absolute lowest cost for each transaction you process.  Your account executive will outline the benefits of the Interchange Plus pricing option and provide a side-by-side analysis of your current processing solution.
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Securely store card data for future patient payments

With our Patented Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) and tokenization, Physical Therpaists Eliminate the scope of PCI Compliance,, and automatically store a "Token" for each patient. This token is unique to the Therapist and us as the processor, so the data is useless if obtained by a third party. Many Therapists store the card data for "Card-on-File", to set up a payment plan, streamline check-in, or bill an outstanding balance. This tokeinzation has proven to increase collections and cash flow, while streamlining processes.  
I feel the only way for practitioners to get ahead in this healthcare economy, is by understanding the numbers associated with your practice. Go CardConnect offers a unique and valuable piece to that puzzle. I have implemented the Go Cardconnect platform, not only in my own clinics, but for my strategic partners as well.

Dr. Joe Simon Founder, Private Practice Business Academy

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Online Bill Pay

Enabling Online Bill Pay has proven to increase patient satisfaction, improve office effeciency, decrease the cost of collections, and decrease the time it takes to get reimbused. Find out Online Bill Pay can help your Private Practice. 

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Friendly, prompt and attentive

We enjoy working with Physical Therapists because, like you, we recognize the importance of service, quality in our work and the need to contantly be thinking about our customers and the problems they are looking to solve. 
We enjoy working closely with Physical Therapists due to their commitment to solving problems, their close relationships with their patients and the passion they have for their field. We feel the same about Payments and helping our Physical Therapist customer base.

Tom Cooley Founder, Go CardCopnnect

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