Comprehensive Patient Payment Solutions

Proven results with Online Bill pay
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Convenience pays

Your patients are Online every day. They shop, search, communicate and share. Allowing them to pay their medical bills on their terms will contribute to stronger patient engagement and will increase collections.
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Mobile Optimized

We already know that over 70% of all searches are now on mobile, so why not capture payments through a mobile optimized bill pay solution. Text to Pay features allow for patient balances to be delivered and paid within minutes. Leverage the same technology that over 90% of your patients use every single day with a mobile optimized, bill pay solution.
Patient payment solutions have become increasingly challenging for Private Practice owners. Implementing Online Bill Pay is one tool that has proven to increase collections and improve office efficiency.

Tom Cooley CEO, Go Cardconnect

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Tom Cooley
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Eliminate the Scope of PCI Compliance

Capturing card data on your website can expose your business to fraud, hacking and daunting compliance requirements. With our patented Online Bill pay solution, you "Eliminates the Scope" of PCI Compliance. 
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Competitively Priced

Offering three pricing options, we're ready to offer the most competitive pricing options available:

1) Flat Rate: 2.70% + $0.20 (No other fees)

2) Interchange Plus: 0.30% + $0.10/item + $12.95/mo

3) Competitive Analysis: Allow us to evaluate your current pricing to provide a cost benefit analysis. We typically reduce costs by over 20%! 


When seeking partners for our Bill pay clients, both for the Patient Portal and Website customers, Go Cardconnect offered the most comprehensive solution available.

Destinee Mack Director of Business Development, Omedix

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