Comprehensive Healthcare Payment Solutions

Designed specifically for Omedix customers
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Comprehensive Omedix Solution

Through our strategic partnership with Omedix, the comprehensive sayment solution tie transactions from the Patient Portal, Online BillPay, Point of Service and Third Party Billing companies into one single comprehensive report, which is easily reconciled against the patient record within your EHR, EMR or Practice Management Application. 
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Secure Processing for Healthcare Providers

The patented P2PE (Point to Point Encryption) and tokenization payment platform was designed for Healthcare providers and the high level of data security required for this specific market. Each of our payment solutions are designed to eliminate the scope of PCI compliance, and keep all sensitive card data out of your environment.
"Our strategic Partnership with Go Cardconnect has been instrumental in our explosive growth, and has made significant impact to our complete "Patient Engagement" platform. Thank you! Tom Cooley for the comprehensive approach and strategy behind this partnership."

Destinee Mack Omedix Inc.

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Desitnee Mack
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Future Patient Responsibility

With collections becoming an increasing problem, healthcare providers can leverage technology to securely store credit card data at the point of service, and use it for any future patient responsibility.  Our platform also enables providers to easily set-up payment plans and recurring payment models.
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Online BillPay

One of the easiest methods for healthcare providers to capture payments from their patients is to simply offer Online BillPay. Your patients open thier mail after hours when your office is closed. Enabling them to simply go to your website and pay thier bill has proven to significantly increase payment collection rates, and should be the primary component to your revenue cycle management strategy.
"I feel the only way for practitioners to get ahead in this healthcare economy is by understanding the numbers associated with your practice. Go CardConnect offers a unique and valuable piece to that puzzle. I have implemented the Go Cardconnect platform, and love it"

Dr Joe Simon Manhattan Physical Therapy

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Healthcare Payment Solutions by Omedix