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Leverage secure payments with $5,000 in free payment processing

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Sometimes being first at something is risky. That was most definitely the case with our $5,000 in free processing offer. We had been evaluating ways to grant access to more merchants seeking a more secure payments solution and leverage our Point to Point Encryption and tokenization (P2PE) utility, and all ideas pointed towards the "trial economy" popular with so many leading SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.   But how do you offer a highly regulated financial product like merchant services on a trial basis? Also, will anyone take us up on the offer? After extensive testing, we're able to lauch this popular program to a wider range of merchants. 

Act now! for your $5,000 in free processing, only from Go Cardconnect.

Get $5,000 in free processing today!

At the core of our offer is the CardPointe platform, a comprehensive payment solution that enables secure credit card data storage, flexible payment options like "Card-on-File" and Payment Plans, and deep insights into transaction history and reporting. The CardPointe platform is available as a "Stand-Alone" application, or is availble as an API to be integrated into any third party solution looking to capitalize on the significant value baked in. However the application is used, the first $5,000 in processing volume is provided free of charge.

What's the Catch?

We get this a lot, so we wanted to address it head on. There is none. Period. Like any other merchant services provider, we have agreements with terms of service which contain card processing rules and regulations. But, unlike most of our competitors, we back our service agreement with $0 termination penalties. This means merchants are able to try out our solution to see for themselves. If they don't like it, or does not meet their specific needs, simply close your account. We'll thank you for the opportunity to serve you and wish you all the best. 

Criteria to qualify

There only two criteria for qualifying for the $5,000 in free processing.

First, you must be approved for processing by our underwriting team. This means no high-risk or unqualified businesses apply. Contact us to see if your business qualifying.

Second, you must process $5,000 in combined Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex volume within 90 days of approval.

How the refund is applied?

We monitor your processing activity on monthly basis, and when you reach $5,000 in processing, we refund 100% of the fees billed for the first $5,000. On the month that you exceed $5,000, we pro-rate the refund amount based on activity and fees billed. For example, if the first month you process $3,000 and billed $60, and the second month you process another $3,000 and billed $60, you'll see a refund for {$60 (Month One) + ($2,000/$3,000 X $60) } = $60 + $40 = $100.

At Go Cardconnect, we're looking to build long-term relationships with each of our clients. We feel that offering the free trial of our solution is a great start. We hope you feel the same.

Get $5,000 in free processing today!

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