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 Aaron LeBauer is known for many things, including Entrepreneur, Physical Therapist, Business Consultant, Marketing Guru, Thought Leader and Friend. In fact, he's built a career on his reputation. 

Aaron also understands the risks of promoting a brand. Through his diligent research, his experience as a Practice Owner, a referral from a friend and his first hand experience, Aaron would like to Pass-On the information regarding the absolute best Physical Therapy payment solution available; Go Cardconnect. 

Enable the Physical Therapy payments platform trusted by 1,000's of Private practices!  

Details Include:  

  • 1.70% + $0.20 per item (Swiped Debit, HSA,FSA, Consumer cards, etc)
  • 2.70% + $0.20 per item (Card not present, including online billpay, payment plans, card on file, Corporate cards, Signature rewards, foreign, etc.)
  • $0 Monthly Fee
  • $0 Annual or PCI Fee
  • $20 Monthly Minimum
  • No contract!
  • Mag-Swipe reader for Point of Service transactions
  • Secure "Card-on-File" with encryption and tokenization
  • Subscription billing
  • Offer flexible Payment Plan options
  • Online Bill Pay
  • All included in our flat rate!